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The Koran's book of clear human clues is without a doubt. No one is able to make
Books such as the Qur'an. It is Written in the Book of the Bible which describes it
The whole of Nature from the beginning of the Age to the end of time. Explain from what man was created
until diwafatkan.Kitab which describes every Creature created by Allah.
Why mountain mounts are enforced by the oceans in the stretch and the earth is spread out
all the answers are in the book of the Qur'an.Kenapa we are obliged to obey, Taqwa, and believe?
why we can only eat kosher food. why not be usury.
Why did Allah create a paired creature? Why Rizki and Death mate no one
who knows? All the answers are contained in the Holy Book That is the Qur'an
Why do we not believe that Allah exists? can we make a single strand of hair
when we are sick what is our will?
when it comes to calamity what is our will?
Even when we are happy is it coincidence?
When we are sailing who will help if the storm suddenly arrives?
when gripped who we call?
If the answer is clear in the Qur'an let us Tadaburi / learn
The book that leads our lives from the womb to death.
What are we living for? for what we eat? for what family friends friends?
why should do good? .......
 May Allah guide us to be devout and devoted servant
 Believe and establish good silaturrahim.Dalam human body there is a lump of meat
 who determines diri.bila the meat is good then good herself and vice versa.
The meat is the heart. If not yet able to race with the scholars in obedience
with us sinners to repent to Allah to ask for forgiveness and reach

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