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Ad free version.

Altimeter is beautifully designed and easy to use android application for measuring altitude and almost everything you want to measure.

With Altimeter you can measure everything around you, whether you аre in the mountain or in the city. Altimeter app is great tool for people who love skiing, mountain biking, hiking, traveling, outdoor activities, elevation or just want to check their coordinates.


With gps tracker you can track your speed and altitude from all your outdoor activities and then check the path that you traveled with high precision. It shows your max, min and average speed.
GPS Tracker also shows your max, min and average altitude. It shows you total elevation during the track. In gps tracker you can check the duration of your tracks and where and when they were tracked.
To start tracker all you need to do is to hit the start button at the top of altimeter app, when it becomes active(start button becomes active only when receive signal from gps satellite). To stop the traker just hit stop button at the place of start button.

With gps altimeter you always can check your altitude(elevation) with ease. Altitude is measured by your gps sensor in meters or feets. The Altimeter works great in offline mode thanks to the gps sensor in your device.

GPS Speedometer. Speedometer measures your speed in km/h or mph through GPS sensor. In a second you can measure your speed.

Barometer tool. Measures atmospheric pressure by the sensor in your device in hPa or psi.

Thermometer tool. Ambient temperature measured by the sensors in your device in Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees. The thermometer in altimeter app works in offline mode, so you can always check the temperature around you.

Hygrometer tool. Ambient relative humidity also measured by sensor in your device.With altimeter app you can easily check the humidity in your home or anywhere.

-Illuminance meter. Amount of light on your device measured in lux or fc.

The app integrates Google Map showing your current location and coordinates. By moving the pin around the map you can check the coordinates of any location.

Battery level.

In altimeter app you can easily share your measurements with your friends, or just export them to save place, by tapping the export button from the menu, any time you want.

Feel free to suggest next features!

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