Amazing Dutch Treat App APK

Simple and convenient Dutch treat. Finish the settlement before you get home.

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UpdatedSep 01, 2020 (5 months ago)
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Travel settlement, Dutch treat, Dutch pay, Let's go dutch.

1. Add unlimited number of members
2. Payment details unlimited
3. Setting up the trim amount
4. Modifying the Dutch Pay Results Message
5. Save automatically / Reset manually
6. Manage settlement details by group
7. Set as host

< How to use the Amazing Dutch Pay App >

1. Enter the member to settle.
- Enter multiple persons separated by space

2. Enter the payment details.
- Check attendance member after input, location, and amount input

3. Enter the bank account information

4. Check the results of the settlement.
- Remove unnecessary words and add comments

5. Sharing Results
- Copy message to clipboard / share

6. Register frequently used groups in the left sidebar.
- Watch videos and add new groups

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What's New

2020.05.24 What's new
- Bug-fix
2020.03.10 What's new
- Apply app theme
2018.07.01 What's new
- Share message individually
2018.06.21 What's new
- Set date, time
- Finishing settlement
- Prepaying
2018.02.25 What's new
- Raising amount
- Launching no-ads. version
2017.09.07 What's new
- Set currency symbols.
2017.09.01 What's new
- Copy the existing bank account
2017.08.24 What's new
- Backup/Restore. Bug fixed.
2017.08.19 What's new
- Localization. Bug fixed.

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