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Who does not want a beautiful image of a Amazon Parrot on his mobile background? This app allows you to easily set images as wallpaper. Sharing your favorites with your friends also does not take any effort. This app contains the nicest and most beautiful Amazon Parrot pictures and everything in HD so it is the best quality you can find. Download this great app now and enjoy your new backgrounds, wallpapers and images.

This app contains images off:
- Amazon Parrot
- All different colours of these cute Birds and Parrots
- And everything related

Feutures of app:
- Easily set as background
- Share with friends
- All HD pictures

Information about the Amazon Parrot:
Amazon parrot is the common name for a parrot of the genus Amazona. These are medium-sized parrots native to the New World ranging from South America to Mexico and the Caribbean.
Most amazon parrots are predominantly green, with accenting colors that depend on the species and can be quite vivid. They feed primarily on seeds, nuts, and fruits, supplemented by leafy matter.
Many amazon parrots have a remarkable ability to mimic human speech and other sounds. Partly because of this, they are popular as pets or companion parrots, and a small industry has developed in breeding parrots in captivity for this market. This popularity has led to many parrots being taken from the wild to the extent that some species have become threatened. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora treaty has made the capture of wild parrots for the pet trade illegal in an attempt to help protect wild populations.

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