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The classic game of roulette with the American table with double zero

Version1.04.11 (11)
UpdatedOct 03, 2019 (12 months ago)
DeveloperEdisoft S.r.l.
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Join them with this free roulette and test the various systems in order to train the mind to try to win. The game is completely free.

Access are 10,000 free coin data, if it gets to zero coin just exit the application and return to get back another 10,000 credits to play on roulette.

The classic American Roulette game.
The wheel is split up the numbers from 0 to 36 more double 00, in English roulette is not worth the en prison rule

- Plein, individual numbers in which, if you win, you win 35 times the amount bet
- Cheval, horses, or pairs of numbers in which, if you win, you win 17 times the amount bet
- Transversal Pleine, triplets where, if you win, you win 11 times the amount bet
- Carré, quatrains where, if you win, you win 8 times the amount bet
- Transversale Simple, sextuplets where, if you win, you win 5 times the amount bet
- Douzaine, dozens (first, second or third) in which, if you win, you win 2 times the amount bet
- Columns, columns (first, second or third column of the table) in which, if you win, you win 2 times the amount bet
Simple bets:
- Pair Impair ou, or even Even or Odd, or even or odd numbers
- Manque ou Passe, ie the numbers from 1 to 18, or those 19 to 36
- Rouge ou Noir or red numbers or blacks

Historicizing the last 10 numbers come out on roulette with the color display and number, Ability to undo the last bet made with the appropriate button at the top right or re-aim the last bet made.
The system every 30 seconds performs a spin of roulette, which can be turned off using the bottom button on the left.

What's New

Ver 1.4.11 Aggiornamento SDK e rimozione banner
Ver 1.4.10 Corretto bug pagamento 00 + integrazione firebase

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