Amulet to protect me - fortune, horoscope APK

Daily horoscope delivery! Always carry an amulet to keep you in your self!

Version4.7.0 (2020062900)
UpdatedJun 30, 2020 (5 days ago)
Developer2020 DomiPlatform Inc.
CategoryApps, Lifestyle

The app of 1 million downloads!
'Amulet to protect me' is back!

 -'Amulet to protect me' is recommended to these people.

* Have problems with the love and friendship fronts.
* If you want to maintain a good relationship.
* Company life is hard.
* Students who want to study well, examinees.
* If your husband or wife cheating.
* If you want to make love or make a lover.
* Those who want to make a lot of money and become rich.
* Those who want to wind over the lottery or lottery.
* Those who want to succeed in business.
* Those who want to defeat problem and luck.

For all these people, I made this app with a real charm.
This app was created with a real shaman's charm.

 - main function

* Widget registration of charm: You can always carry a charm on the phone by registering the charm as a widget.
* Charm lock screen and wallpaper: Register the charm as a lock screen or wallpaper, you can see every time you turn on the phone.
* Horoscope: If you register your date of birth and your name, you can receive daily horoscope according to four weeks.
* Types of fortune-telling: today's total horoscope, premium affinity view, premium lottery fortune, today's wealth and investment luck, today's total love luck, spouse of my destiny, weekly general horoscope, monthly general horoscope, new year's rich, New Year Half Finder, etc.
* Wish Bulletin Board: If you have a wish you wish to fulfill, please wish on the bulletin board. It is done if you want it.
* Tomorrow and New Year horoscope will be updated tomorrow.

(Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of amulets may result in legal proceedings resulting from copyright infringement.)

-Notice of Access Permissions
[Not mandatory permission]
* Storage Space (Read / Write) - Purpose for using the storage and sharing of amulet images.

-Update history
* 4.0.0 UI change and usability issue renewal.
* 4.0.1 Fixed a wish board / horoscope error in Android 9 version.
* 4.0.2 background / lock screen error fixed.
* 4.5.2 Horoscopes Massive Updates and Bugfixes

Email: kevin85.oh@gmail.com

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