AnagramSolver APK

Open source app that finds anagrams for the given letters in several languages.

Version2.45 (19)
UpdatedJan 03, 2016 (5 years ago)
CategoryGames, Board

Anagram Solver is an open source android app that finds the words that can be created with some given letters.
Just like you would do in games like Scrabble. It is completely free and without any ads.

It supports English, Greek, Polish, German, Italian, Spanish and French. By default only english is enabled.
You can enable the other languages from the settings. Be aware that it will need more space in the devices internal memory (about 10-20MB per language).

TIP: If you long click on a search result it will search for the words definition online. That's why it needs the INTERNET permission.

TIP2: If you want to search for words based on a prefix/suffix just search for prefix* of *suffix or even prefix*suffix

For questions/bug reports/suggestions please visit https://github.com/uberspot/AnagramSolver

Tags: anagram, open source, anagramm, anagramma, anagramme, solver, anagramizer, anagrammizer, anagram solver, word, scrabble solver, rhyme finder, prefix, suffix, finder

What's New

Let me know if there are any bugs
Improved french translation (credits to Nicola Spanti)
Minor code cleanup
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