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Aug 5, 2018

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Android Exploits: Security Risks APP

Welcome to Android Exploits,

Latest news on Android security paints a sobering picture on how easily arbitrary apps can bypass security mechanisms locally. Lots of Android Exploits are available for every attacker in the world. Here are some of the most known:

* Dirtycow
* libstagefright MP4 integer overflow
* Cloak and Dagger
* ...

Is your device affected ? Does the latest security patch really help ?

This is where Android Exploits comes in: We right now offer some latest exploits to be tested on your device. That means, you're able to execute some tests in order to check if your device is vulnerable. The included exploit terminal gives some details about the exploit progress and helps to understand what is happening in the background.

Every exploit has an description on how it works and what testing result is expected, when the exploit could be executed successfully.

Best regards from Germany
Sascha Roth
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