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Animal Escape Rooster Run 2

1.0 · Feb 22, 2017

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Version1.0 (3)
UpdatedFeb 22, 2017
DeveloperGP Games Studio
CategoryGames, Arcade

Animal Escape Rooster Run 2 game

Do you love animal escape rooster run 2, play this ayam runner challenging game.

The new! Animal Escape Rooster Run game 2 is here! Animal Escape Rooster Run 2 is a fun 3d action-packed fighting game. This angry rooster game is one of the best rooster fighting simulation game with awesome angry rooster fighter simulator 3d action. This Animal Escape Rooster Run 2 is too exciting with full of 3d action. This rooster simulation is a real pleasure and joy for those who love playing with roosters.
Survive the rooster against challenging hurdles in this fun running game for kids. Ayam runner is thrilling runner game in which you will enjoy to play the flying rooster in real cartonic subway environment. Animal rooster escape from farm house to collect the coins, this jumping chicken jump to avoid obstacles and also fly in air when collects the flying booster. A rooster is a escape prisoner and avail a chance to get rid off his owner and escape rooster hardly in this animal run rooster game. Now the big cock is running in the farm. There are different types of hurdles on the way, so survive against hurdles to hit them otherwise rooster will die. This Gallus Domestics will fly also when pick up the power up coins on the way and collect magnet to collect more coins. Rooster pick up the shield to cross the hurdles to save his life. Jogo do galo is kiddie game to enjoy. You will enjoy farm rooster sound when he runs fast. His wattle is so sensitive so be aware of hurdles in this granja huhn run game. Animal invasion Gallo runner is best game for entertainment.
Attack - Swipe down
Left - Swipe left
Right - Swipe right
Jump - Swipe upwards
Chicken run!!! is a simple and addictive adventurous run game with awesome gameplay.
How to play: in chicken escape 3D you are to help running rooster pursuing by angry farmer to avoid obstacles on the way like Train, animal’s feces, hurdles and obstacles. Don’t forget to collect as many Coins as you can. Help the rooster get past all the traps and wild predators on his path and guide him to his beloved Chicken. Attack enemies if that what it takes to survive.


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