1st ever fun & learning app teaching common animal’s morphology in 10 languages

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Kids have a natural attraction towards animal world. I still remember how much I loved my cat, dog and rooster when I was a kid. Kids almost get mad when they visit the zoo. But do we ever know how much children know about morphology of animals they love to see so much. Most of the animals share a number of organ names with humans, but still their anatomy is distinct e.g., pouch is something you cannot easily find in any animal but kangaroo, mane is particular to lions and apes.
This app is an effort to help your kid learn about names of animal’s part of body. App presently supports 10 most widely spoken languages of the world which includes
1. English
2. Arabic
3. Chinese
4. French
5. German
6. Japanese
7. Korean
8. Portuguese
9. Russian
10. Spanish
English is the primary language of this app, but we did our best try to translate names of body parts in other language correctly. If you find anything wrong, please feel free to give us the feedback.

What's New

This is the first release of the app. Your feedback is very vital for us to improve and add new features to this app.

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Animal Parts of Body Names 0.0.1

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