Animal Planet mod for Minecraft PE APK

Are you tired of animals from the original game? Use Animal add-on!

Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedSep 28, 2020 (4 months ago)
DeveloperPoteha Apps
CategoryApps, Entertainment

Animal Planet mod is add-on adding to our game various living creatures which standard Minecraft never had. New creatures in the cube world are always wanted and expected, especially if it is someone exotic and one that can be tamed. It should be considered that Animal mod works on Minecraft version 1.9 and more, that is why check before installing.

Although new animals do not differ by the number, however, their quality and interest that they cause are visible at once. All of them you can spawn, admire, and try with the help of special eggs for invoking.

Among added units the following ones stand out:
• Deers. In this living creatures Edition, there are 2 types of deers that may be differed by wool color. You can spawn them in any place. After murdering, they drop skin, bones, and also meat.
• Flamingo. You can find them on a beach biome. To tame this bird, you have to feed it with salmon.
• Dodo. To find this feathered creature, you have to go to boreal biomes and jungles, and you can tame it with the help of cod.
• Goats. These animals in Animal Planet mod for MCPE are very detailed, they even have horns. They become hostile if you touch them. You can find goats in savannas and on the hills.
• Bees. They have an excellent 3D model. They harbor in savannas and jungles. They give honey.

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