Animals Game APK

Animals Game is a great free education game for kids between 1 and 5 years old

Version1.5.8e (5)
UpdatedDec 28, 2015 (5 years ago)
DeveloperNiki Soft
CategoryGames, Trivia

Animals Game is an awesome game about all kinds of wild animals or pets, the graphics are not bad but we
are focusing on the kids education side so they can learn the animals, this is what's making this game
perfect for babies toddlers kids and children around 1, 3 to 5 years old but even if you are 6 yrs old
that's okay you can still play it no problem you will still be educated by this game she keeps the animals
spirit in it. If you wan't your kid to learn how it looks cats, dogs, dinosaurs, turtle, hedgehog,
elephant, wolf, fox and many others. If you like this game share it with friend and family and talk about it.

Animals Game is very simple game that is perfect made for kids toddlers or grownups anyone can play this game it is super easy to use, but not so easy to beat.
In Animals Game you're gonna meet a lot of different type of animals birds predators fishes, and also animals like: dog cat dinosaur elephant mouse kangaroo pig boar parrot crocodile and many other wild or home animals. I hope you like the game and talk about it and discuss with your friends and family.
If you have some free time and you wanna play something right away this is the perfect game, just open the app and start playing. If you have problems with some of the levels use hints witch you can buy after you finish previous levels and get coins, you have hints like reveal a latter, reveal the right letters or solve the whole level.
There is a sharing option by witch your friends can be talking about the game.
The game has puzzle element because you shall first of all open some squares to get information about the animal.
The pictures are hard to recognize because i put a filter so it can be harder for you.
This trivia quiz is amazing you can have a lot of fun with it and if you wan't i will release even more levels.
Another plus of this game is that you can discover a lot of animals an learn their names or test your knowledge. There are little and small or big and huge animals beasts or cute little creatures that you would wanna cuddle.
This app is also a good memory test for all that will play it.
Some of the animals can be meet in farms other in the sea, river or the ocean third in the wild jungle so there is big variety.

Have fun to try guess the animal and don't get angry or mad if you lose.
Enjoy "Animals Game"

Email: nikisoft@mail.bg

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