Forestia is in danger! Rise up against the humans and save your friends!


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Dec 16, 2014
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Animas Online GAME

UPDATE! Chapter 5 is here! 'The Poisoned Forest' is waiting for you and your friends!
In the verdant shadows you'll need your wits about you, as you try to get to the bottom of the robot plague. Who's pulling the strings behind the scenes? Prepare yourselves for battle – for Forestia!
'5* A+ Good Job!'
'Enjoyable game, easy to control and addictive.'
'Diablo for Furs!'
'Awesome time bandit. Love the game so far. Easy controls.'
'A really fun adventure app. It should come with a warning as highly addictive.'
Save your homeland

Life in Forestia was once a peaceful idyll. But now your homeland is in danger! Ruthless humans are destroying the ancient forest with their evil technology and won't stop for anything with their machines. Stand up to them and save your world! You'll need to gather your courage if you want to succeed – and your friends fighting at your side.
Forests, coasts and ancient ruined cities: make sure you explore every corner of your island. Missions and research expeditions will send you delving into the farthest reaches of Forestia. Test yourself in the arena, face off against waves of monsters or pit yourself against your friends to collect extra credits for your account! Win some golden keys and you can also pick up extra special items.

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Long waiting times? Not in Forestia! Quick rounds and intuitive game controls ensure exciting quests and challenges. Fight with the heart of a lion for your home – with an internet connection you can play wherever you are, on iOS and Android!

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