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Jul 27, 2023

Anime Girl Life Game 3D GAME

Anime School Girl Life Game 3D is a 3D-style school love simulation game. In this game, there are many characters that players can attack. Each character has its own different personality and preferences. We need to explore their hobbies, click and interact with them, increase their favorability, and become lovers with them.

game highlights
1. Wonderful and interesting campus life is waiting for you to try, have fun, study hard and get good grades.

2. The game was exciting. You can also participate in various competitions, actively perform on the field, and strive for the first place.

3. The club has a lot of activities. You can participate in the romantic cherry blossom campus, meet all kinds of handsome men and beautiful women, and fall in love.

Game Features
1. The gameplay of this game is very unique. The super-brain setting allows more players to experience different campus fun.

2. All kinds of fresh elements will be integrated into it. You can also drive fast around campus to show off your racing skills.

3. Unique storyline for players to enjoy top-notch fun, super fun adventures, and more.
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