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If you love ( Anime ) you will find in this app (anime wallpaper) background you want are in high quality 4k hd for your mobile.

Whether adult and kids,man and woman,there are many like anime,they will certainly like your anime wallpaper.

Features of Anime Wallpaper:

★ Just 3.5 MB of size.
★ Ultra HD & 4K Wallpaper.
★ Pinch Zoom.
★ Easy switcher wallpapers of Anime & (Manga/Manhwa/Manhua/Webtoon).
★ Add your favorite wallpapers to favorite.
★ Share images whit tumblr or any social networks.
★ Save Backgrounds & tumblr wallpapers to storage.
★ Wallpapers every day automatically.

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Détective Conan Wallpapers
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Gintama Wallpapers
Tokyo Ghoul Wallpapers
One Punch Man Wallpapers
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No Game No Life Wallpapers
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Psycho-Pass Wallpapers
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