Play Coin Game with World-wide Friends! Get Coins through Spin and Raid!


Latest Version

Aug 8, 2023

Anipang Coins GAME

Spin, Attack, and WIN! Simple Casual Slot Coin Game!
Spin and Raid to get more Coins!

🎰Spin to earn your loot! Cute and Simple Casual Slot!💣
-Welcome to the Coin Trip where you can test your luck! Play Anipang Coins and become a Miner to find Coins!
-Test your luck by spinning Machines or Wheel easily and simply! You might get a Coin Jackpot!
-Just press the button to get Rewards! What kind of item will it be this time?

💣Earn Coins by stealing them! Attack and Raid your Friends! 💣
-Attack or Raid your Friends and steal it!
-Not enough Coins with just Machines or Wheels? Go hunt Coins yourself!
-Revenge your friend who attacked you! Goddess of Fortune is on my side!
-Protect your picture from your enemies so they can't steal your Coins!

🃑 Collect Cards to get a special Reward!🏆
-The more you complete the pictures, the more Cards you get! Complete the Card Set to get a gift!
-Episodes unlocked as you collect Cards! Let's get to know the hidden stories of lovely Anipang friends!
-The cutest Slot Game ever! Gather more cards and move to a higher stage!

🎲Roll Dice to Pop a Balloon!!🎈
-Various Bonus modes you can enjoy while playing! It's a chance to get Star Coins!
-Fever Mode! Get a bunch of Star Coins from Slots for a limited time! Great chance to get stronger rewards!
-Super Board! Roll dice to move your piece! What kind of reward will be waiting this time?
-Crazy Balloon! Pop up Balloons that float for a certain amount of time! Get Random Prizes!

🏁Join in the race to win Star Coin with your Friends!✨
-Start the race with your friends to become 1st Rank!
-Get the most Star Coin within the set time!
-Coins will be given to our Ranker as a gift! Who's the next winner?
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