Convert your smart phone into an announcement mike.


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Aug 10, 2018

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Announcement Mike APP

How it is useful:-

Connect your mobile to loudspeakers and your mobile will be converted into an announcement mic via this app.

What it actually do:-
- This app helps you to make your voice loudly. Whatever you will speak to the mobile will be announced to the loud speakers. And it will totally act like a mic.

How to use:-

1. Install this app to your mobile phone.
2. Connect your mobile to loud speakers before opening the app.
3. Open the app when you connected to loud speakers and go a little bit away from the speaker otherwise it will give unclear sound.
4. Go to real-time announcement.
5. Enjoy!!

Where i can use it:-

It can be used for announcement in railways, airports, schools and colleges, temple, mosque, church etc.

What is its benefits:-

You don't need to buy any mike for announcement purpose.
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