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Ants The Strategy Game (RTS) APK

Real time war game. Build a colony, build an army and battle enemy ant colonies.

Version2.0.2_hf1 (11)
UpdatedApr 14, 2019 (2 years ago)
DeveloperFrostzone Entertainment
CategoryGames, Strategy

Ants RTS is a free offline war game experience.

In this simplified RTS game specifically designed for mobile, you control an Ant Colony. Upgrade your Colony, build an army and wage war against enemy ant colonies.
Can you win the battle?

Key features
* Build a colony! Make your workers gather resources and construct buildings.
* Build an army! Summon ants that can fight, or get serious and call forth your queen.
* Go to war and defeat enemy ant colonies
* Unlock perks to help you in battle
* Scaling difficulty level, how far can you climb?
* Real Time Strategy game that can be played offline
* New in 2.0.0, Multiplayer(Lan)! Invite your friends over and destroy them in local area network matches.

The game is completely free to play, and all ads shown in game are optional. They do not hinder the flow of the game. In fact, the game can be played without seeing a single advertisement!(Support is still appreciated!)

Open for suggestions! I will read every review and improve the game to the best of my ability. This is a one-man project made by a hobbyist, so I cannot promise regular updates.

What's New

- New ant! The scout: Will immediately run off to locate an enemy camp
- A friendlier and easier to navigate UI
- The possibility of distinguishing units from one another
- Customize faction name/colors in the main menu
- Increased rewards from ads
- Increased daily reward
- Construct buildings without selecting workers first
- Double clicking a unit will now select all similar units in range
- Tap and hold for .5 seconds to active the multi selection box


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