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NameAnTuTu 3DBench APK
Version9.1.4 (90104000)
UpdatedNov 12, 2021
CategoryApps, Tools

Antutu 3DBench App

The separate app is to avoid re-download 3D part when Antutu Benchmark updated

Why do you need to download a separate 3DBench App?
-- The separate 3DBench app is to avoid re-downloading 3D part when version updated. Save your mobile data!
-- To test the 64 bit CPU and UX performance we need a separate 3DBench app

In order to more realistically simulate future game scenarios, we used the Vulkan engine API and ultra-high-precision textures and lighting effects in the new Terracotta Warriors scene. that resulting in a Antutu 3Dbench installation package size almost equal to a real 3D game, about 600MB. Therefore, we recommend that you download it only when using a WIFI network to avoid wasting data traffic.

We noticed that some devices can't run the Terracotta Warriors scene because those devices can't get vulkan support. In the future, we will be launching an Antutu Go version without vulkan scenes for these devices. please wait.

APK: AnTuTu 3DBench, 安兔兔評測3D, 安兔兔评测3D

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