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Memorize Chinese words quickly and easily in association with images.

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UpdatedJan 19, 2021 (1 month ago)
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※ Chinese Reading Guide
Please add Chinese language data of Google TTS.
Chinese language data must be installed before normal use is possible.

☆ ★ Free Chinese handwriting recognition dictionary, translator function ☆ ★

Study Chinese through "any Chinese".
① Intuitive understanding ② Fast memorization ③ Learning to use in real Chinese conversation.

■ Image association learning
- The images provided in "Any Chinese" are designed to intuitively express the Chinese words.
- This not only enhances the memorization effect through image associations
- By understanding Chinese words more intuitively, you can train them to use Chinese without interference.

■ Real-time translation function & notification area & input as picture
- Do you speak Chinese that you do not know? Select the letter and copy it, and I'll translate it in real time.
- Chinese word is exposed in the notification area. Improve your Chinese learning.
- I will automatically type and translate the Chinese in the book.

■ Speaking and learning Chinese
- Learn Chinese words while speaking through speech recognition.
- It is possible to memorize Chinese words faster than simply memorizing them with the eyes.
- Chinese words learned while speaking can be easily used in real Chinese conversation.

■ Speed Memorization Game
- Stimulus-Reaction learning principle is provided as a game, which allows strong combination of word meaning and Chinese words.
- This greatly enhances the ability to respond to situations (stimuli) in real Chinese conversation.

■ Efficient learning system
- Speed memorization As you play the game, you will be able to memorize not only memorization of Chinese words but memorization level.
- Chinese words with insufficient memorization are automatically classified and can be studied efficiently.

■ Dictionary and translation
- Chinese dictionary and Chinese translation in 32 languages.

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