Description: AO Cats and Mouse APK

Version01.07 (3010705)
UpdatedJul 12, 2019 (9 months ago)
Release dateApr 25, 2019 (11 months ago)
DeveloperarievilO oniledA
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Board game. where 4 cats try to corner 1 mouse

This game is free, without advertising, non intrusive

In a chessboard, 4 pieces representing the cats and 1 piece representing the mouse, are placed.

Plays one player at a time. It is not allowed to pass or occupy a house already occupied by another piece.

The mouse plays first

The pieces move 1 house at a time, diagonally.

Cats can only move up. The mouse can move on any of the 4 diagonals.

There is no catch.

Cats win if they block the Mouse.

The Mouse wins if it escapes the siege of the Cats.

Cats and mouse players may be human, or it may be Android.

Tap the title, to see the statistics of the game.

It is an interesting game for children, allowing them to understand the advantages of cats team play.