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API Metal Fabrication Calculator

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UpdatedJan 30, 2017 (3 years ago)
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API Metal Fabrication Calculator is an app designed to be a one stop resource for all your metal fabrication projects and is packed with tools to assist you with your CNC machine operation.
This app has resources that would help everyone from the engineers and the operators on the floor, to the office workers and purchasing department.
This app features a calculator, a currency converter, a unit conversion calculator, a tonnage calculator and a press brake chart.
And if the calculators and conversion tools can't can't answer all your metal fabrication questions you can always ask Altnative Parts Inc. experts a question using the app. This App also offers a way of keeping up to date with all the current promotions AltParts is running.

   • Calculator: A standard calculator featuring more advanced functionality such as tangents and logarithms.
   • Currency Convertor: Convert any 2 currencies quickly and easily. Great for overseas purchases for all your metal fabrication projects.
   • Tonnage Calculator: Calculate the amount of tonnage needed to punch a hole in different types of metal based on material type, and thickness.
   • Bending Chart: For use with Press Brakes, easily find the pressure needed to bend the material, opening of the Die to be used, and minimum bendable Flange length. 
   • Unit conversion Calculator: Easily convert units of distance, Mass, Pressure, and Volume.
   • Ask A Machine Parts Question: If you have a question about a CNC machine part or are looking for a replacement part for your metal fabrication machine, you can easily send a question to API from within the app.
   • Current Promotions: Keep up to date with all our current promotional offers and new CNC machine parts available from Alternative Parts Inc (www.altparts.com).

Email: steveg@altparts.com

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