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Apni Urdu: Tension free Simple & Elegant Keyboard

Optimised · Jun 14, 2021

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VersionOptimised (3)
UpdatedJun 14, 2021
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Apni Urdu: Tension free Simple & Elegant Keyboard app

Tension free method to write urdu language with a simple and elegant keyboard.

Apni Urdu is a simpe, fast and elegant keyboard for intellectuals, old people and simplicity lovers.
Its classical black and gray style is very attractive.
#1: simplicity.
Simplicity of the apni urdu is one of the best and beautiful attribute of the keyboard.
#2: Speech to Text:
No matter you belong to any country or region you can just type your desired text by only speakin. Text to speech makes it easy and simple for you to type in a tension free method, and it is fast enough to save time.
#3: One thing one time:
By selecting many useful layouts according to need its very easy to diagnose where the actual keys are on keyboard.
if you want to type numbers, select number mode, and if you want to type symbols, select symbols.
#4: Big is Better:
All layouts of the keys are so jumbo size and easy to tab.
for example, number mode is like calculator of android phones,and symbols are only symbols in big size.
#5: Urdu Typing:
Urdu is pakistan's national language and in this keyboard you can type urdu easily in seconds.
more over urdu switch mode make it easy to write urdu same as on computer keyboards.
#6: Swipe the modes:
swipe features in this keyboard makes it awsome for you to switch between keys in blinks of eyes. This makes it very fast to switch between different modes.
1.swipe right makes urdu keyboard ready.
2.swipe left makes english keyboard ready.
3.swipe up makes number mode ready.
4.swipe down makes symbols mode ready.
Urdu mode can be enables by two options, either swiping right, or taping the button above menus.
switching between urdu variables also can be done by either on key on keys or clicking on the button in above menus on right side.
#7: Its perfect:
This awsome stylish and classical keyboard is best for all types of typing.

After installing the keyboard, go to (Settings) of your phone then go to (Language and Input). There you will see Keyboards. or (Manage keyboards) go there and (Enable or ON) the Apni Urdu switch button..
after that go to (Current keyboared) or (Default keyboard) and select the application. DONE.
its all ok. now you close the settings menu and go to typing of any thing whatsapp/facebook/message etc.

If you want to give feed back please don't hesitate to write us on : truerichman@gmail.com
if you like us give us fivestars rating and leave words for us.
Thank you.

Email: truerichman@gmail.com

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