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Jul 31, 2022

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App Booster – boost mobile APP

Stop running apps, delete useless files and increase battery life with App Booster. If you are tired of another fake booster or cleaner then you should use our app. We provide real features which can help you:
🚀 boost mobile 🚀
🗑 clear space 🗑
🧹 delete useless files 🧹
🔋 save battery 🔋
🎮 optimize games 🎮

Our app explores a memory card for files which users can delete without consequences to free up storage space. There can be next file types: multimedia, logs, APKs, thumbnails, etc.

It’ll be easy with our user-friendly interface – just one scan will show all problems that you have. Hurry up and fix it at once! Install and enjoy the best app to boost mobile and clear space for Android. Extra boost and clean your phone! Come back from time to time and repeat operations to forget about slow performance, full storage space and decreased battery life. Don’t look for one booster, ccleaner or clean master – you’re already found the right one 😉

We want to tell you more information about our features so you don't get confused with all of it and use it effectively:
🚀 phone booster – stop your running apps in background mode and relieve RAM. You’ll have more power for faster phone performance. Don’t forget to create a shortcut for boosting with click
🗑 phone cleaner – analyze your storage and clean junk from it. There’re temporary files which doesn’t affect on something, we can delete it without consequence. You should do it later again because apps & games will generate another files
🧹 deep memory cleaner – delete useless files from your storage and get more space for new ones. We search for all multimedia files, messengers files, apps, big files and downloads, then you can decide which files you consider as useless and delete it. You don't even know how many useless files on your phone
🔋 battery saver – turn off consuming functions and save battery life. Wi-Fi, bluetooth and brightness really can spend all your energy, that’s why you should pay attention to it sometimes for having more time with important things. Moreover we stop running apps which also drains your battery highly
🎮 game booster – start your games with our boost app and enjoy a new performance level. We prepare your phone before launching a game, it can get maximum speed for it. Don’t forget to create a shortcut for game boosting
auto cleaning – unite the phone boosting and the standard cleaning in one tool which will boost your phone and clean junk from your storage periodically without your participation. Get Premium, forget about daily control and make your life easier!

Install App Booster now and make your Android phone perfect. Just after the first use of our boost cleaner you’ll notice changes 😉
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