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Jan 26, 2016
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My goal is to develop an application that makes it easy for the small independent business owners. Although I would like this app to be universal in terms of its use, it mainly caters to people that go from job to job. I am using my father and his company as the foundation of the ideas and functionality of the app. He owns an independent contracting company. At times he is working on multiple jobs, going to different estimates and has workers in multiple locations. How do I simplify the owners job? That is the question I am trying to answer through this application.

This application will be evolving within the next couple of months with many updates. Consider this alpha testing so do not rely on the application until the app has a name(other than App Name).

!*!!!!App is in really early development. Saved information may be lost with updated!!!*!
________Time Information_________
_Date Started: 12/14/14
_Latest Update 2/1/15
_49 days since date started

________Update Information________2/1/15
* There are significant differences when the app is run on Lolipop and the earlier versions
- Lolipop version looks much better than earlier versions
*Implemented FragmentStatePagerAdapter to the expense activity, swipe between expense categories.


* Tablet fragments and views
* Include Estimates
* Update list and adapter communication within the fragment to aromatically update list (easy)
* TextViews single line prevent overlaps with icons
*Check for blanks in EditText fields to prevent force close
* Remove the vertical lines that are generated in blank PDF table.(easy)
* Update the schedule Adapter to be more efficient(medium).
* Update the graph layout to not look empty when there is no user input(easy)
* Implement estimates that can be converted to invoices(easy, time consuming)

__Contact Data:
* Implement the ability to add contacts from the users address book(unknown, need to read).
* Create a contact in the address book when the user adds a contact within the application(unknown, need to read).
* Add "All Contacts" & search functionality to contacts page on home screen(easy)

I am very busy with work and am limited to the time I get to spend on developing this application. Of course it is not an issue, it is just going to take more time than expected to be fully functional.
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