App to enjoy Hakone Checkpoint APK

Tour app helps you to enjoy the sightseeing of Hakone Checkpoint.

Tour app "Machimegu Hakone Checkpointo ed." helps you to enjoy the sightseeing of Hakone Checkpoint which is a key point of Tokaido, the old road, the surrounding area, more deeply and more conveniently.

"Machimegu" is a tour app for smart devices that you can enjoy more of sightseeing in Hakone Checkpoint and the surrounding area by map function and recommendated tour information. This will help your sightseeing plan and pre-learning so that travel discovery becomes deeper. Sightseeing, historical sites, shrines and temples, scenic spots etc. will be informed.

- Display optimum course on the map to focus on the history of popular tourist spots Hakone Checkpoint and the old road.
- It also responds to your "I want to go there!".
By tapping the "NAVI" button at each spot, the directions to that point will be displayed on the map.
- "Links" button for troubleshooting.
A links on the homepage of Hakone-machi and Hakone Checkpoint are prepared.
In addition, you can check information such as toilet, parking

[Main function]
Course selection, Spot list, My clip (Spot registration), Area search (spot search from map), AR, route guidance, voice guide etc.

- This app uses location information by GPS. Please turn on GPS before stroll.
Please note that the battery drain will be faster.
- Using headphones is recommended since this app provides voice guidance.

Email: sekisho@town.hakone.kanagawa.jp

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