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Track the time spent on your phone. Get live app usage data, phone unlock count.

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UpdatedOct 04, 2019 (8 months ago)
DeveloperQsoft Mobile Dev
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App Usage is the easiest & most efficient way to monitor your everyday phone/app usage. This app helps you measure and control the time you spend on your phone. You can also track additional things like no of phone unlocks, data consumed by an app and times launched.

This app aims to limit your phone usage & to increase your productivity. Reclaim your life!


Track your App Usage: gather the time you spend on your apps in your preferred sorting order.

Track & Limit Phone Unlocking: get the number of times you checked the phone. You can set a phone to unlock limit so that you get notified when you exceed it.

Phone Activity Timeline: get a chart of all your activities on your phone in a timeline view.

App Usage Manager: you can launch, uninstall and check for updates for your apps.

Most Used Apps: your apps get ranked by time spent and the number of times launched. It shows a list of your most-used apps on the notification bar.

Over-use Reminder: notifies you when you spend too much time on your phone or apps.

Track App Usage History: keep track of launch times & exit times and the time spent on an app.

Usage Graphs: get a breakdown of your app usage through interactive graphs. You can filter by date to get the summary of your activities.

Phone Addiction Level: Based on your usage data this app will calculate how addicted you are to your phone. You could be Highly Addicted, Addicted, Habitual or Ideal.

Get App Details: It tracks and lists the details of your apps. You can check the installation date, version, data usage of app & last launch Etc.

Why you need the App Usage Monitor app?
Yeah, smartphone addiction is a thing and it’s much more common than you think. Did you know that an average individual spends 2 hours 22 minutes each day consuming media on their smartphones? This time could also be used to engage in more productive activities that could be more rewarding in the future.

Plus, smartphone use also impacts your concentration and focus. A single notification could lead to a 30-minute binge and we realize that it is very difficult to control smartphone use. Hence, we built this app to make managing your phone activity a little easier.

Other useful Tools Features

It also has many useful utility features such as App Recovery, Batch Uninstaller, Software Update, Phone & SIM details.

Email: care.qsoftmobiledev@gmail.com

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