Application Manager (Lite) APK

It helps you to manage your applications and to recover of the application.

VersionAnpan (35)
UpdatedSep 27, 2012 (8 years ago)
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This application retrieves information about applications installed on the Android and allows you to store and backup the list in SD card or share it with your friends.
It helps you to manage your applications and to recover of the application.
Share your favorite applications with your friends!

*You can use most functions though in the Lite version, there is a limitation in the number of applications registered in the list and the kind of the HTML list, etc...
Please consider the purchase of a pay version if it is possible to like it.

Compatible devices: Softbank Desire, GARAPAGOS, Desire HD,
DELL Streak, Libero
au IS03, IS04, IS05
docomo GALAXY S
Nexus S

< Features>
・Displays a list of installed applications. (Application Name / Version / Package Name)
* You can displaying cut the pre-install software according to the function making exclusion list.

・Writes lists to SD card. (CSV or HTML format)
* Market Link is included in the HTML file.
* Trial version is only 50 Applications.

・Sending lists from the SD card. (CSV or HTML format)
・Sharing application lists by e-mail.(Application Name / Version / Package Name can be exported in the e-mail text)
・Sharing application lists by Twitter App.
・Displays QRCode of favorite applications, and saves QRCode Image to SD Card.
・Searches favorite applications from Android Market
・Copies data(Applicatin Name / Version / Package Name) to Clipboard.
・Reads lists from SD card (CSV format), and displays a list after Verifing Installed Application on your device.
・Checks the difference between the existing management list(CSV format) on SD Card and the installed applications.
・Run application
・Uninstall application.

< Examples of using the Application List >
CVS files can be edited by spreadsheets software such as Excel. You can create your own application management lists.
HTML files can be viewed by Android. If you click on the links it will take you to the Market where you can install the application.
Further, the HTML files are created in simple HTML format so you can easily paste it on your homepage or blogs to share it with everyone.

< How to use >
This application is very simple to use.
All you have to do is launch the application, and a list of all the applications installed on your Android will be displayed.
If you select the application in the list, you will be able to choose the options "Tell a friend by e-mail and Tweet" , "Find in Market" , "Clipboard Copy" , "Display of the QR code", "Application program start/uninstallation", and "Display of Application Information".
Also, if you press the menu key you will see the option "Export file to SD card" and "Send a file on the SD card", "Import file from SD card", "Re-Load(re-display list of the application program that has been installed)", "Get more app information".
If you select the "Display QR Code" in the menu, you will be able to get QR Code. And you press the menu key, you will be able to save QR Code.

What's New

1. A lot of serious bug fixes

Email: nadesico39@gmail.com

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