AppLock: Video & Photo Vault with Private Browser APK

Lock apps with Fingerprint, Hide Photos and Videos, surf with private browser.

Version3.2.2 (53)
UpdatedFeb 06, 2019 (1 year ago)
DeveloperTools Ground
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AppLock securely protects guard and lock everything on your phone without using any of your sensitive data.Its security and protection features are very high. It is the most powerful locker app that protects your apps from snoopers and takes intruders selfie.This is the most professional app lock that supports touch-id fingerprint lock. It's multilayer security protection keep you worry free and you can easily give your phone to anyone. This smart app lock protector is light, fast and easy to use.It's very irritating when someone suddenly starts opening applications and photos that are private and personal to you. That is where you need AppLock so that you can give your phone to anyone, your family members, friend and someone you don't want to see your personal apps and data. Applock protects apps from unauthorized access.

AppLock currently supports three type of locks.

#1- Fingerprint Lock: - with fingerprint lock type you can easily lock and unlock your apps with your finger.A fingerprint lock is supported only in devices which have Fingerprint hardware.
#2- Pattern Lock: - easily lock and unlock your apps with a pattern.
#3- PIN Lock: - use PIN code to lock and unlock your apps.

With this unique and free app lock, your privacy is protected with PIN, Pattern, and fingerprint. Main features of app lock are:-
#1: One tap to lock/unlock - with app lock you can easily lock and unlock all apps with just one tap.

#2: Lock Phone Settings - with smart app lock you can easily lock your phone settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data, Location.

#3: Intruder Selfie - with BREAK-In alert feature this privacy guard app lock takes a selfie of the intruder who tries to unlock your apps, personal photos, videos.

#4: Lock with PIN, Pattern or Finger - Currently app lock supports PIN, Pattern and Fingerprint lock type, you can select lock-type of your choice.

#5: Fake Cover - with fake cover features applock changes its launch icon and name.

#6: Customize Applock - You can customize app lock settings. Like which lock type to use, Change lock type anytime, hide lock type, you can set minimum time to re-lock apps, new app lock reminder, lock when an app is installed or uninstalled

#7: Face-down Action - when phone face is down applock will exit or open an app or website.

#8: Lock Social Media - easily lock all your social media apps with one tap.

#10: Update with a private browser that help you to browse without getting detected.

#11: Video and Photo Vault: Lock your private photos and video with new Video and Photo Vault Feature.

Note: “This app uses the Device Administrator permission.”

1- How to use a fingerprint to lock apps?
Your device must meet the following requirement to use fingerprint feature:
1- Device must have a fingerprint sensor.
2- open settings and enable app lock.

2- How can I deactivate app lock if I'm at my home or at a safe place?
Tap "Temporarily disable Applock" in Lock settings. After tap, you can set the timer for the time you are at home or at a safe place.

3- What happens when I restart my phone?
Applock works great as always when your phone restart.

4- How can I hide and unhide app lock icon?
To hide the original app lock icon from phone visit Lock settings and tap "Fake Cover" then select the fake cover of your choice.

5- How Can I reset my PIN/Pattern?
To rest PIN/Pattern visit Forget Password from side menu on any lock screen and send the code to your email. Enter the code received to rest PIN/Pattern.

Your feedback is very important to us. Please email us directly at toolsground@gmail.com if you have any problems with app lock, or any requests, suggestions, anything you want us to know. Thank you in advance.
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