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NameSocial media browser APK
Version11.0 (144)
UpdatedJan 23, 2022
DeveloperM Alaa Zaki AbuTayyem
CategoryApps, Social

Appso: all social media apps App

save space app, all social networks in one app and all in one social media app

— With Appso save your effort, time, and storage space on your phone. They are safe social media apps. It contains a huge number of social networks apps, Like SMS text messaging, entertainment sites and watching videos, sports sites, and online marketing free.  It also contains local news sites, ads, and global sports websites. On your smartphone.  If you search for all social media networks in one app, get apps now, and you will not regret it.

Features of Appso "All social media apps in one app":-
Save up to 70% of your phone memory. You do not need to install any social networking applications for free chatting or family social networks, as you can save about 140 MB on your mobile phone and have quick access to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and Snapchat

The application also allows you to access all the famous chat applications in one place, and the most important chat applications are Telegram and WhatsApp and Messenger and Meetup and send SMS messages

The Appso application uses the most powerful technologies used in chrome, so that we guarantee speed and lightness in browsing and the speed of displaying images and videos, so that you will not feel a difference when browsing sites such as youtube and tiktok and likee and netflix not even Amazon Prime

- get apps, You can browse more than 500 applications and sites. Without downloading all programs on the phone. Quick access to advertising sites and message friends via instant messaging.

- Explore and share beautiful photos with Pinterest and Instagram

Browse global shopping sites such as Amazon and eBayand Alibaba and explore business opportunities with LinkedIn and read the mail that you receive from Gmail and Hotmail and Outlook and browse with Google and Bing and and be aware of the most important forums in Reddit and Blogger and Quora and listen to Songs with Spotify and Soundcloud and reveal numbers with Truecaller and communicate with employees and your relatives, live video with Zoom and Google meet and monitor your performance at work with Google Adsense and Google Admob and and watch online games with Twitch

- Sort your bookmarks in a special box on Appso: save space for best social media apps in one app.

- The social network app is secured with a secret number to maintain the confidentiality of your information and prevent thieves from accessing The accounts of all social networking sites.

The application also provides the feature to:
download videos from Instagra and download videos from Facebook and download videos from Tiktok

- Provides an in-app search engine. For easy access to all in one app social media 2021. To enjoy the SMS texting, marketing, real estate, telegram reporters as well as advertisements, know the latest international sports news.

- In Appso app “all social networking apps”. You find the most famous sites and more apps in one app.

- Added new media websites in special sections. Such as sports, local news, tourist, travel, marketing, and real estate sites. Targeting depends on your country and language.

- Browser for Android, to browse all all apps in one place By accessing all social network in one app. You can also access Messenger 2021,  to make friends around the world.

- Our application cannot access some applications because the site does not allow the application to be displayed. Therefore, it must be downloaded to the phone.

- If you like Appso best social media apps please give us 5 stars and support us with your comments. Or report bugs and suggest any features you want.

- We are not affiliated with any of the services that can be accessed through social media all in one app. We do not have the right to access your data, nor can we.

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