AniPay APK

AniPay - centralized mobile application for Instant Payments System

الإصدار2.0.0 (1)
تم التحديث29 ديس 2020 (منذ 2 أشهر)
مطوّر البرامجThe Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan
الفئةتطبيقات, شؤون مالية
عمليات التثبيت100+

AniPay mobile application of the "Instant Payments System" established by the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
This application allows users to complete payment transactions within seconds in 24/7/365 mode using alternative identifiers (mobile number, e-mail, PIN, TAX), as well as includes the widespread use of innovative Qr-code technologies.

Email: anipayapp@gmail.com

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