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تم التحديث27 نوف 2019 (منذ 1 سنة)
مطوّر البرامجERP Pro
الفئةتطبيقات, أعمال
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Key Features
* Android Phone, Galaxy Tab, Tablet compatible : 4inch~10.1inch
* Simply create invoices, estimates and purchase orders.
* You can print a receipt for the customer (mobile receipt printer)
* You can print out the invoice as a PDF. (preview/share/send email)
* You can change the form easily.(invoices, estimates and purchase orders)
* Accurate inventory management.
* Accounts receivable, accounts payable management.
* Options for setting the sales price. (Last Sales Price(By Customer),Retail,A,B,C,Discount)
* Banking, income / expense management. (My Credit cards, cash, bank account management)
* Supported bluetooth barcode scanner. (barcode scanner devices and camera scanners support)
* Product image and customer image support.
* Various reports (excel file/share/send email)
* Import data from Excel. / Export data to Excel.
* You can enter data in Excel on your computer. (Data import from Dropbox)
* ErpPro app is easy and fast.

الميزات الجديدة

Version 2.26
Add : Reports) Sales:By Item Classification
Add : When there is no [Last Sales Price], [Default price] is applied.
Fix Errors : Data Import
Version 2.22
Add : 64-bit compatible, PDF Receipt
Version 2.21
Fix Errors : Image, PDF, File Manager
Version 2.16
Add : Runtime Permissions (Android 6.0+)
Version 2.15
Add : Printing Options (Customer)

Email: saleslitepro@gmail.com

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