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تقديم أسعار لأنواع مختلفة من أسواق الصرف الأجنبي

الإصدار3.2.4 (13)
تم التحديث17 ينا 2021 (منذ 1 أسبوع)
مطوّر البرامجPardazan Developer
الفئةتطبيقات, شؤون مالية
عمليات التثبيت10,000+

Financial pulse of all information on global exchanges, gold and currency and... At the most up-to-day prices
It gives you.

Financial pulse Application Applications:

Simultaneous access to stock exchange information and news, investment funds, bank loans, debt bonds, gold, currency, cryptocurrency and primary goods

Instantaneous monitoring of markets

Access to the latest financial markets analysis and articles

Access to a variety of calculators applied in banking calculations, gold, currency and debt papers

Currently, the following financial markets are supported in the Nabz-e-Mali app:

Stock Market
Providing a general view of the market and introducing stocks with the highest real/legal buying and selling

Complete information of loans paid by all banks of the country along with the introduction of the systems of each bank

Instantaneous price of cryptocurrencies with weekly, monthly, 6-month, annual and multi-year charts
Exchange rates in the free market, sana system and Nima system with the amount of changes

Real and up-to-day prices of gold and coins
Investment Funds
Information on returns of equity, mixed investment funds and fixed income along with their price and asset charts

Debt Bonds
Providing general view of the market and securities information with periodic profits and profits at maturity

Primary Goods
See prices of basic metals, precious metals and oil and its derivatives with advanced charts

with a lot of other possibilities .

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