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The app is developed for kids to teach about Banking through stories.

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Little KGB is a fun based app in Android designed by Team KGB intended for inculcating banking and savings habit in children. KGB stands for "Kids Go Banking".

Today's children are more inclined to technology. Hence at Kerala Gramin Bank, we decided to embrace the medium of smart phone to reach out to children.

Little KGB is all about the journey of Notey, a naughty boy who became a coin by the ire of a wizard. During his journey he meets children of different walks of life. He guides them to savings and guides them regarding the different benefits of banking.

Every story ends with some questions about the story. User needs to answer the simple questions to continue to the next story.

Little KGB is available in both Malayalam and English. We along with the team from OrisysIndia Consultancy services are planning to introduce more fun and frolic in the app in the days to come.

Since the app's primary focus is on improving the learning experience of a child, the app has many captivating drawings. Our team has managed to optimize it's size to 30 Mb.

In order to have the best user experience a RAM capacity over 1 GB is preferred.

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* Bug fixes
* Mini statement last updated date and time
* Performance optimization
* 3 more stories added

Email: itwing.kgb@keralagbank.com

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