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Rupeeplus Instant Personal Loan App is market professionals who deal in a variety of online loan products. We provide our customers with the most reasonable loan products and credit cards as well as related services.

Product Information

1. Loan Amount:₹ 1,000 to 20,000.
2. Maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 35%
3. Minimum and maximum period for repayment: 91~365 days.

For example: If the loan amount is ₹8000 and the interest rate is 30% per annum with the tenure of 91 days, the interest payable is as follows :
Interest = ₹ 8000 * 30% / 365 * 91 = ₹ 598.

Rupee Instant Personal Loan App is an India’s next generation digital wonderful lending application which uses AI techniques and big data to offer help to people.

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