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Be the first to know about market moving news and analysis on the stocks you follow.

• Real time, concise news created for rapid reading.
• Market moving analysis from investors and industry experts.
• Instant alerts of news and analysis on your stocks.

Seeking Alpha is the leading crowd-sourced equity research platform with over 8,000 contributors. In contrast to other stock market research platforms, investment insight is provided by buy-siders, investors, and industry experts rather than sell-side analysts.

Seeking Alpha has three outstanding characteristics:

• Breadth: Our community driven approach drives remarkable breadth of unique coverage including thousands of small cap and mid cap companies.
• Depth: More than 8,000 authors contribute 5,000+ editorially curated articles per month. Our community of 2.500,000+ registered users add to an informed and sophisticated discussion.
• Influence: Seeking Alpha articles frequently move stocks, due to a large and influential readership which includes money managers, investors, business leaders, journalists and bloggers.

Seeking Alpha primarily covers the U.S. stock market. For more information, check out seekingalpha.com

If you are experiencing issues or have suggestions to improve the Portfolio app, please email: android@seekingalpha.com

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Tracking your investment portfolio has never been easier! Link your brokerage accounts to your Seeking Alpha portfolio and see your investments all in one place.

Make better decisions with better data! New informative tabs have been added to our stock symbol pages: Chart, Value, Growth, Profitability and Ownership.

Access your gains with fewer steps! We now show total values on All Portfolios so you can stay informed at a glance.

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Email: android@seekingalpha.com

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