Trade Prediction APK

Trading prediction by review, market analysis, forecast, opinion of expert etc

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This application provide you with many tools to help you with trading activity.

From trading in forex currency, cryptocurrency like bitcoin and etherum or lithium, to trade in gold and ingots or oil, and stock. And material training that will rich your method of analysis like trading psychology, trade risk training, stock advisor, binary option and more.

This app provide from expert analysis that you could use as example model or follow directly his word, ai based prediction that used from present chart and data then compute using ai algorithm. Or economic daily news calendar that could be used for fundamental trading strategy analysis.

And there is many training in this app that if you beginner on trading world could just train first before stepping on more deeper trade world. In many ways, either you as daily trader or long term investor you would be need this app in your hand that provide many insight and tool.

Email: akilsayegh5@gmail.com

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