AR ( augmented reality ) Bamboo Fight apps using technology

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In order to play in AR mode please download the image file from the following URL, stretch it to a paper full of A4 size or larger and use it after printing.
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☆ Fighting game using AR technology (AR MODE)
☆ Normal mode (NORMAL MODE)
☆ Furthermore, although we can not guarantee the operation between all the smartphones, we can use BlueTooth to fight against two people

It is an app that is too greedy so that you can enjoy three ways to play.
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☆ About playing in battle mode
※ Since the battle mode is AR mode, the above image printed on A4 paper is required. Please prepare.
You can play match mode in the following procedure.
1. Bring two of each smartphone with this application installed.
2. From the menu, press the battle mode button.
3. Make BlooeTooth enabled on each terminal. If it is not enabled, pressing "Enable BlueTooth" button will become effective.
4. Please press "HOST setting" on either terminal, select all confirmation dialog, OK.
After 5.4 has entered the standby state, press "Connect to HOST" on the other terminal and select OK for all confirmation dialogs.
6 It will be successful if "Battle start" button is displayed on both terminals. After the button is pressed, it will shift to the AR mode match screen.

In the above 6, communication is unsuccessful when the match start button is displayed only on both or one side. Sorry to trouble you but press the back button and repeat steps 1 - 6 from the menu again. If you change the terminal that becomes HOST, you will occasionally succeed in connecting.
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We treat it with this application to the last because it is a fictional sports style much like kendo so we can not respond to differences from actual kendo and similar problems, so please understand.

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This application uses Qualcomm's Vuforia library. According to the policy of Qualcomm, some terminal information etc. are transmitted anonymously to the Qualcomm server while the application is running. Since we will describe in detail below, we will assume that you accepted this application if you downloaded this application. If you do not agree, please do not download this application.

① Device related information: Device identification number, manufacturer, model, OS name / version, carnet
Le version
② AR library related information: SDK version, device profile
③ AR operation statistical information: camera resolution · configuration, application start / end date / time, camera on / off
Event, target image acquisition · lost event, other general use information

① To promote the provision of new products, updates, enhancements and other services
② for improving software, products, services, technology
③ To provide information on new products, services, technologies to you and customers
These are sent securely by OS standard functions such as https.

* For the acquisition and use of the above information, the following Vuforia SDK License Agreement, which is the formal contract of Qualcomm, is applied. For inquiries about unknown terms and other textual contents please contact Qualcomm.
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As for the implementation of the application, we do not stock malicious programs etc.
However, by any chance this application, no matter what kind of problem happens to your terminal, we can not guarantee anything, so please understand we are sorry.

Email: ruhakataika@yahoo.co.jp

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