Battery Charger: Charge Master APK

Battery Charger: Charge Master


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تطبيق Battery Charger: Charge Master

🔋Eco Charger optimizes your battery charging with just one tap.

Charger Master is the solution to help your phone charge optinal by to RAM booster & turn off unnecessary connections to speed up the battery charging process is more optimal. Background apps, connecting Bluetooth, & screen have great brightness... is the reason why charging time for the battery is longer, let Optimized battery charger help you!

🍀 Super Charging is completely free. Our app has a very simple design & easy to use. When opening battery charger, you just need to press the optimize button, then all you have to do is wait for the app to do its job. In addition, you can quickly optimize every time you plug in the charger or choose a quick to optimize from the notification bar.

Your phone will be optimized in many ways:
✓ Turn off background apps (Not available in some cases)
✓ Reduce screen brightness to low (70% of the current level)
✓ Turn off Bluetooth (Automatic)
✓ Turn off the screen rotation (Automatic)
✓ Show battery percentage status on the main screen of Super Charger free

🔋Charger Master is under development and completion. Eco Mobile's product development team is eager to bring you a Super charging app free with good features and experience for you. So, if you have any suggestions for us, please send your feedback to email: Thank you very much.

Eco Charging gives you the ultimate charging battery solution for your mobile phone!
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