Bixby Voice incorporates the voice functions assigned to Bixby, the personal assistant for Samsung Galaxy devices with which we can search and do actions


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Bixby Voice APP

Voice functions for the Bixby assistant

Bixby is the digital voice assistant incorporated by Samsung to its devices in the Galaxy range. It intends to help us settle our doubts similarly to how Cortana, Siri or Google Now also work.

Bixby Voice, the voice functions of our assistant

Bixby is divided into three parts: Voice, Vision, and Home. Bixby Voice takes care of connecting users via voice with the assistant's different functions. Thanks to the latter we can carry out searches or specific actions on applications.

The following are the main functions supported:

  • Carry out actions through voice commands.
  • Learns from our gestures and preferences to offer us better results or responses.
  • Adapts conversations to the context.
  • Offers search alternatives.
  • Send suggestions to adjust the voice commands.
  • Voice function activity reports.
  • Interaction page from which we can enable the voice commands and view the recently used sentences to modify them.

Only the highest-end devices from the Galaxy range can use this assistant.

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