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boon. – Contactless Payments

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We hope to welcome you as new boon.User in our Community soon! Until the current situation has been clarified, we have temporarily paused new sign-ups.

With boon. you can make contactless payments easily while on the go using your mobile phone or smartwatch. Enjoy a relaxing shopping experience and leave your debit or credit cards at home.

boon. is your essential mobile payments app offering:
• Contactless payments with Google Pay right after you sign up (For Austrian users: This feature will be available as soon as Google launches Google Pay in your country)
• Makes online shopping easy and fun with boon. digital card
• Lets you pay with different wallets and wearables like Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay
• Enables sending money in real time to your friends and family
• Wrap money gifts as virtual eGifts and add a personal message
• Provides flexible top-up options via credit/debit cards or bank transfer
• Cashback offers and promotions, helping you earn and save money

boon. is free of charge.

After you have registered, you can start paying with boon. in just a few short steps. Simply add your boon. prepaid Mastercard to Google Pay. Top-up your account using credit or debit cards or via bank transfer. Hold your Android phone or smartwatch near the payment terminal and that’s it.
With your boon. Card in Google Pay, you can pay at any NFC-enabled point-of-sale terminal that accepts Mastercard Contactless payments. The boon. Card can also be used for in-app purchases or online shops that accept Google Pay.

As a boon. PLUS user, you can send and receive money from other boon.PLUS users in real time (Feature varies by country). Just select recipient’s name or mobile number, enter the amount and done! Personalize the sending of money? To personalize it, choose from different envelope styles, wrap your sending as a virtual eGift and add some personal note to it.

Pay for your online shopping using boon. Card. You can use your boon. Card at any online shops accepting Mastercard. Simply enter card details at the checkout and that’s it!

Earn and save money using boon. promotions and cashback offers that run from time to time in the app.

With boon., you can also pay with other wallets and wearables like Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay. Just add your boon. card to the respective wallet, and you are ready to pay.

The payment recipient does not receive your bank or credit card details. Your Fingerprint, passcode or pattern also protects against an unauthorized use of your app. If your smartphone is lost or stolen, you can block boon. immediately using our free emergency hotline: 00800 94 73 22 70.

Enjoy paying with boon!

Find more information and answers to your frequently asked questions on our Website ( ).

Please note: For Austrian users, our app will work on Google Pay as soon as Google launches this service in Austria.

If you do not want to miss out what is hot and happening, stay tuned on our social channels: Twitter: @boon_official, Facebook and Instagram: boon_global
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