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DAMS is often recognized as most innovative medical education firm in India and we strive to create value for students using the best of conventional and technological advances.
Innovation: The how and Why of it?

We all have heard this before. There is a need for innovative answers to difficult solutions that we face in day to day life/business. But how to go about it?

Here is 4 point plan for being a successful innovator

Be curious : Curiosity is one of the most important qualities required for success and is not given its correct due in most of the schools in India where people who can follow the routine are favored. Lets be curious and ask questions, you will find surprising answers in everything you thought was so routine, so obvious.
Look at problems as opportunities: Major difference between innovators and other people is the way they look at problems. Innovators look at problem as a chance to create an extra-ordinary solution to the problem. Innovators love to break through road blocks 7 find out of the box solutions.
Be frugal: There is a difference in innovation done by larger corporations and individuals. Particularly in developing nations we should look at the cost of R & D and value generated. Go for Jugaad, and create low cost solutions to big problems.
Generate value: innovation should serve a purpose, and broader the use , larger the impact on the end users. It should fill the gap somewhere and somehow innovators identify felt need before others.

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