Empty Text for Messenger APK

Empty Text for Messenger


Surprise your friends by sending empty messages with No Words


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✔This app allows you to Surprise OR Irritate friend by sending an empty or blank messages to Facebook Messenger!✔

Main Features:
☆Send empty messages with no words
☆Short, medium or long empty text.
☆Swiftly share to friend
☆Quick and easy user interface

Play prank with your gf/bf and surprise or impress them by sending black messages. As we all know that we can't send empty message in Facebook Messenger but with this app you can do it with easiest way just by click on send button and then choose your Facebook Messengerfriend to send the blank message to him/her.

“Empty Text for Messenger” app is easy to use because it's not complicated, has different color send buttons that allows you to send different size of empty messages.

Feel free to contact the “Empty Text for Messenger” app with any questions or suggestions you might have.
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