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الاسمGin Rummy APK
الإصدار2.1.5 (38)
تم التحديث18 أكتوبر 2021
مطوّر البرامج6Ace Games
عمليات التثبيت٥٠٬٠٠٠+
الفئةألعاب, الورق

لعبة Gin rummy Online

العب البطولات ووضع الجوكر في لعبة بطاقات الجن رومي المجانية على الإنترنت.

Free Gin Rummy Online is a card game for 2 or 3 players, combining elements of the card games Rummy, Cribbage, Carioca and Euchre. The main shining point of our game is Gin Rummy Multiplayer with Joker🃏. It’s make different to us from other Online Gin Rummy card games. Would you like to play millions of live Gin rummy players all over the world? Free Download gin rummy Multiplayer card game.

Free Ginrummy Online Card Game are follow all the classic rummy rules like rummy 500 rules and 31 rummy card game rules.

Special Features :

Live Table is also makes shining feature of our game because you can play with real player which are currently playing, it is making our game to Top Free Gin Rummy Online Game.

Tournament is prove that you are the true gin rummy player. The great competition between the players in amazing 2 or 3 player tournaments. Tournament makes top gin rummy multiplayer card game.

Unique Different Modes There are mainly three modes in Gin Rummy Multiplayer Game, but first time in this game we have introduced a JOKER mode in Online gin Card Game. This mode makes our game to top card game compare to all other free rummy card game.

Free to Play The Gin Rummy Online is totally free. You can play multiplayer modes with other players without need of spending money!

Social Experience we have made a good social experience in our game. You can play with your Facebook and Google friends in our game. And also you can make new friends in Gin rummy card game.

Leader board Good Gin Rummy players have a good opportunity to climb up and maintain their top rank on the Leader board.

Free Bonus you have no gold for play? Don’t worry about it. We will giveaway you millions of gold as a free reward like Invite Friends Bonus, Scratch Card Reward, Quest, Mini Game and many more.

You can Purchased Gold and gems from the game and become a VIP user. VIP Users will get extra exciting rewards.

It’s not an online rummy free game to win real money you can’t payout real money from game.

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