Iriun 4K Webcam for PC and Mac APK

Iriun 4K Webcam for PC and Mac


استخدم كاميرا هاتف Android ككاميرا ويب لاسلكية في جهاز الكمبيوتر الشخصي أو Mac.


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تطبيق Iriun 4K Webcam for PC and Mac

Use your Android phone's camera as a wireless webcam in PC or Mac. Install needed drivers and use your phone with Skype, MSN Messenger etc video applications. It supports resolutions up to 4K. (Max resolution depends on the phone).

Installing drivers for the computer:
You can download needed webcam drivers for your PC or Mac from

Using webcam:
1. Launch Iriun Webcam app in your phone
2. Start Iriun Webcam Server on your PC
3. The phone is connected automatically to your PC using wireless WiFi network and the camera is ready to use.
4. Configure the Windows application to use Iriun Webcam as source for audio and video

Iriun Webcam supports USB connections too. Connect the cable and follow instructions on mobile.
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