Language translator, text translator, translation APK

Language translator, text translator, translation


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الاسمAG Translator APK
الإصدار2.2 (5)
تم التحديث03 يونيو 2021
مطوّر البرامجCH.STUDIO
عمليات التثبيت١٠+
الفئةتطبيقات, تعليم

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تطبيق Language translator, text translator, translation

translates your phone's text, voice and images in more than 50 languages

Languages translator, text translation is a multilingual translation application on your mobile device. Translate the languages you want quickly and easily. languages translator is a simple translation app for users who are going to use this translation app. Type and translate texts in the language of your choice. With our translation app, you can communicate more easily in different languages through voice and text translation to have an effective conversation.

You can translate more easily with the most powerful language translation using portable multilingual translation, this app is 100% for Android device. Translate English to over 50 different languages, make your conversations easier for free with this language translation app. Try the app to translate your conversations to other languages, translate conversations from Arabic to Hindi, translate from English to French, translate from Icelandic to Hungarian, translate from Italian to Spanish, translate from Indonesian to Japanese, to Finnish, African, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Czech, Galician, Georgian, Nepali, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Sundanese, Vietnamese, German, Chinese, Catalan, Armenian, Korean, etc. ....

This app has translation options on the same phone with this translation option with camera allows on your android device or phone to take the picture of the letters to be translated in any language I provide above description, the option with gallery has a button in the app just tap on it to choose a picture in the gallery. it is easy to translate your text conversation, free voice translation, Download Languages Translator app, text translation, translation in gallery, translation in camera.

This language translator app, text translation helps you to make your conversations easier for free language translator, improve your translations using this language translator app, text translation, this app is a tool to translate languages you need to learn languages, use this language translator app, text translation, translator words in pictures for free,

Language translator features, text translator, text translator, text translator, text translation :

Language Translator:
English to Spanish translator, Italian to Portuguese translator.
Chinese to Croatian translator, French to German translator.
Basic geography to Norwegian translator, Hebrew to Polish translator.
Japanese to Korean translator, Nepali to Roman translator.
Russian to Sundanese translator, Swahili to Tamil translator, etc.

Language translator, text translator is an application that has various features to effectively enhance your language learning on your cell phone. It is a simple translation tool to communicate with other people in different languages on your phone for free.

Language Translator, Text Translation is a free app with several alternatives to communicate with strangers in different languages, text translation, voice translation, translate languages and improve conversations quickly.
Now you can enjoy Language Translator, Text Translation app for free on your Android device.
Use this application and try the application and its free feature is very simple to use, install Language Translator, free text translation application.
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