Madras Samayal - Authentic Indian Cooking Recipes APK

Madras Samayal - Authentic Indian Cooking Recipes


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تطبيق Madras Samayal - Authentic Indian Cooking Recipes

مجموعة من وصفات الطبخ جنوب الهند الأصيلة وأشرطة الفيديو في التاميل.

Hello Foodies, have you ever tasted a dish at a restaurant and wanted to make it at home yourself but you thought that it might be too difficult? In this app the secrets behind the authentic Indian recipes are revealed. After years of experimenting with various combinations of ingredients and documenting the results, I have identified the ingredient ratios behind these recipes. If you follow the recipe with the exact quantity of ingredients you will be guaranteed a perfect tasting dish!

In this app, we have recipes for appetizers (Soups and starters), rice varieties like biryani, pulao and variety rice, curries and gravies (kulambu varieties) which pair perfectly with rice and chapathi, side dish recipes which pair with the main course, sweets and snacks which can be enjoyed in the evening with a hot cup of tea/coffee and baking recipes to transform an amateur baker into a pro.

While many recipes featured in the app originate from the South Indian cuisine, there are several recipes from North Indian cuisine as well. There are also fusion recipes from Indo-Chinese cuisine and recipes from the west. Knowledge transfer of Indian cooking recipes usually happens from mom to daughter and there are several unique recipes in families. I have learnt several authentic recipes from my mother, grand-mother and my mother-in-law. The tips and tricks in making these recipes are provided in this app.

The recipe categories are
-Vegetarian Recipes
-Chicken Recipes
-Mutton Recipes
-Sweet Recipes
-Snack Recipes
-Baking Recipes
-Seafood Recipes (Fish/Crab/Shrimp)

Features of the app

Within the app, for each recipe there is a link to the Youtube video in Tamil language (I have added English subtitles for several videos). The purpose of this app is to take the ingredients and directions for the recipe straight to the kitchen. If you have doubts about the consistency in the recipe you can watch the video for clarifications.
For quantity of ingredients, standard cups and spoon measurements are used. (1 cup = 240ml, 1 tbsp =15ml and 1 tsp = 5ml). The weight measures are provided in grams.
The app also features a “Favorite Recipes” list into which you can add the next to-do recipes and quickly browse to them.

Perfect results Guarantee

Many consider cooking as an “art” which relies on a person’s experience and intuition during cooking but I strongly believe that cooking should be a “science” because if anyone is provided with the exact measurements of ingredients and well documented instructions then they should be able to achieve reproducible results.
The only way to learn these authentic recipes is to observe them in person and the cooking notes don’t help because most Indian home cooks modulate the level of ingredients using a single spoon. Heaped spoon, half spoon, quarter spoon, level spoon, pinch, dash and so on. What complicates things further is that everyone uses a different spoon as well. Even if I ask my mom a recipe over the phone, it doesn’t work perfectly due to this modulating spoon quantities.

So in essence what I have done is that, I have painstakingly conducted repeated experiments with varying levels of ingredients and have converted all these abstract quantities into standard cups and spoon measures. And now cooking has been converted from “art” to “science” and anyone with these standard measurements can cook the recipes in this app and will achieve guaranteed success.

Note:- This app requires an internet connection to work properly. We are working now to create an update which can enable offline recipes.
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