Semantic Web Quiz - BSCS APK

Semantic Web Quiz - BSCS


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تطبيق Semantic Web Quiz - BSCS

Semantic web app for Android is a free web app to download 500+ semantic web quiz based MCQs. "Semantic Web Quiz" app to solve MCQ questions and answers, BCS, BSCS computer science quiz to practice self-assessment tests. "Semantic Web Textbook" app from revision study notes helps to practice test questions for online homeschooling exam on Android smartphones.

Semantic web quiz app for online degree programs covers basic and advanced computer science course with trivia questions. "Semantic Web Notes" application is a study guide for students, beginners' learning and home-schooling with Semantic web textbook topics as:

Chapter 1: Semantic web applications quiz
Chapter 2: Describing web resources: RDF quiz
Chapter 3: Logic and inference: rules quiz
Chapter 4: Ontology engineering quiz
Chapter 5: Semantic web overview quiz
Chapter 6: Semantic web vision quiz
Chapter 7: Structured web documents: XML quiz
Chapter 8: Web ontology language: OWL quiz

"Semantic Web MCQ" app helps to solve computer science multiple choice questions from every chapter, comparing with answer key after every 10 random trivia quiz questions.

Looking forward to provide best user experience through semantic web application!
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