It's absolutely easy to play!


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لعبة Tile Match

Web 3.0 India feels proud to present "Tile Match" - an exiting new tile-matching game

How to Play?

It's absolutely easy to play! Just tap on the odd desserts falling on your screen and match them to modulate the other luscious desserts.
Just ensure they don't hit the ground before matching to make a linear tile. That's Tile Match'

When the desserts are matched to rhyme before they touch the ground, you win points.

That's deliciously fascinating!!

Achieve as many points as you can. Isn't that interestingly easy!!
It’s easy at the beginning and as you progress you will face a lot challenging levels.

As your level increases, you can also receive level bonuses, and score much more.

Compete with your friends and enjoy the ease of Tile Matching. Whether you're an expert at puzzle games or a complete beginner, you've got to give 'Tile Match' a try!
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