VHS Camcorder Camera - Glitch Effects APK

VHS Camcorder Camera - Glitch Effects


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الاسمVHS Camcorder Camera APK
الإصدار1.1.16 (16)
تم التحديث14 يونيو 2019
مطوّر البرامجVhsCam.Color Studio
عمليات التثبيت٥٠٠٬٠٠٠+
الفئةتطبيقات, ترفيه

تطبيق VHS Camcorder Camera - Glitch Effects

VHS Camcorder مع مرشحات خمر ، وتأثيرات خلل والمزيد من الآثار

► VHS Camcorder Camera - Glitch Effects

Vintage 8mm Video - VHS Camcorder Camera is one of the best Vintage cameras. You can record stunning vintage videos and take stunning previous-faculty photo with realtime live preview. This app mimics old 8mm video cameras giving a heat, nostalgic look to your media. By using special effects & algorithm for images processing, you will be easy to create awesome retrospective photos & videos with effect filter like VHS camcorder in 1920, 1930, 1950, 1960, 1970…

With VHS Camcorder - Glitch Effects, you'll make home movies that look and sound like video tapes pulled out of storage after 30 years. You can change the on-screen date to trick your friends, create flashing cheesy custom titles, mess up the picture by shaking your device and use the zoom lens feature to emphasize those truly embarrassing moments!

The main interface of the VHS Camcorder Recorder is simple, old and easy to understand - in the style of "technology" of the 80s. On the left side we have three basic buttons: Menu - used to access the area There are more fun things to do in the system, T button for video zoom and W for remote control.

✦ VHS Camcorder Camera - Glitch Effects is the fastest way to launch and film a home video

• Take vintage video in retro style. 20 retro camera effects with beautiful 35mm noise & scratches.
• Make your video looks like it's 90's

• Low contrast and a lot of scratches will remind your old camera that are awesome looking and always attract attention of friends and family.

• Use the vintage filters to make beautiful video
• Decorate your video with Vintage Camera

• This vintage camera takes your photos and videos to the next level with old camera effects and polaroid frames.

• Support live view of the effects. What you see in the viewfinder is what you get.
• Apply and adjust effects while playing a vintage video from library.

► VHS Camcorder Camera - Glitch Effects allows users to film videos with a vintage feel in a number of different filters and frames. It looks good in B/W, classic 35mm and more.

► Features for VHS Camcorder Camera - Glitch Effects:
📹 Add Real time Camera effects with vintage effects, vhs effects & glitch effects.
📹 You can save the result vhs glitch image in SD card or internal storage
📹 Change The Date
📹 Import from your Gallery
📹 Zoom In/Out VHS Camera
📹 VHS Camcorder Effect
📹 Vintage Video Editor
📹 VHS Photo Editor
📹 Glitch Effects
📹 Share it with your friends on Social Networks

► We are in testing mode, so please any feedback appreciated.
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